DünyaTur #1: The world tour has begun – che brothers in Istanbul!

It was a dark winter evening in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in late December 2014 that marked the hidden beginning of what is now becoming reality. That evening we – Rusbe and Thomas – made our first plans to travel the world after the end of our master’s studies while sitting at our friend’s Rafa’s house and after spending the day at the beach just after Christmas.

In the following months we surfed many travel websites and watched many travel videos. Many of our friends heard about our plans, but maybe not so many believed that we would actually go ahead and do the trip we had so often talked about.

Today, on November 9th, 2015, 26 years after the fall of the Berlin wall that had separated us for the first couple of years of our lives, we are sitting in the university library of Yeditepe University in Istanbul and writing this first blog post.

Always doing things in the last moment, we hadn’t managed to hand in our master’s theses before the start of our world trip and thus spent the first five days of our trip in the university computer room.

Writing our master's theses in Yeditepe Üniversitesi's computer room.
Writing our master’s theses in Yeditepe Üniversitesi’s computer room.

We chose Istanbul as the first stop on our DünyaTur, the Turkish word for world tour, since our good friend Michael – a soon-to-be famous poet, writer, actor and musician – is spending the year here with the Erasmus program to improve his Turkish and write his master’s thesis, too. He has very warmly welcomed us into his small home here and tries to make us as comfortable as possible.

Welcome photo at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul with Michael
Welcome photo at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul with Michael

Finally yesterday, after four days of non-stop-master’s-thesis-writing we took the day off and went sightseeing with our very special tour guide Barbaros, another friend of ours who had spent last semester at our German university in Münster and now lives in Istanbul again. It was a great day with lots of impressions, new knowledge about Turkish politics and history and of course, lots of good food.

OK, now we are leaving you with a good selection of our photos of our time here so far! Coming next: a video of our adventures here in Istanbul, don’t miss it! To stay updated with regard to our DünyaTur, please follow our blog and our facebook page and leave us your comments!

Much love and big hugs from Istanbul, arkadaşlar!


One thought on “DünyaTur #1: The world tour has begun – che brothers in Istanbul!

  1. Have a GRAND time, I will travel vicariously with you guys, Rusbe, Thomas and Cocachou!!

    Hope you make it to California to see us!…
    Love, Amore, Beijossssss


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