Dreadful day in Dubai (#3)

Due to the flight arrangements, Dubai, that notorious desert city full of skyscrapers, malls and artificial islands, somehow involuntary became the second stop of our world tour.

We would only see a tiny part of the shiny world tourists usually get to see and so we probably had a very different Dubai experience from what most people have.

Our four hour flight from Istanbul let us arrive in Dubai at 4 am without having slept more than an hour. Travelling on a low budget we decided to somehow make our way from Dubai’s lowcost terminal 2 to the next metro station in order to get to the city.

With Kerbey from the Phillipines who works at a public beach

What followed was an arduous odyssey through this insane city. Tired from our travels we dragged ourselves from one noisy place to the next, meeting French fitness trainers, Pakistani gardeners and Philippine beach guards and reflecting upon the insanity of such an entirely artificial place without natural spaces – a place that attracts people from all over the world because of one thing: money. We saw mostly the negative sides of Dubai, its noise, its artificiality, its disparities and on top of it, the first rainfall in over one year (just when we had tried to get some sleep on the public beach with the help of Kerbey, a nice guy from the Phillipines who allowed us to rest on the beach seats for free). We might have gotten a different picture if we hadn’t been so tired and had booked a nice hotel room with a private beach and other comforts, but this way, we were really happy to get out of this place at the end of the day. Probably we won’t come back very soon.

With Kerbey from the Phillipines who works at a public beach

Have you guys been to Dubai? What were your experiences? What are your thoughts on it? We’d be happy to hear about some other peoples’ experiences.

We put together a little vlog (video blog) of our Dubai “adventure”. Check it out and stay in touch!

Yours sincerely :),

Thomas and Rusbe Che


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