Kia Ora from New Zealand!

Kia Ora from New Zealand!

A couple of days ago we took a flight from Sydney to Christchurch and thus finally arrived in New Zealand. The flight marked the end of the first and the beginning of the second phase of our world trip – a four or five month long camping and volunteering adventure through New Zealand. Yaaaay!

The two months of travel that lie behind us and took us to Istanbul, Dubai, the south of India, the south of Thailand, Malaysia and Sydney really feel like at least half a year. We visited a lot of different places, met new and old friends and made some meaningful relationships. We are now thinking back on our time with our good friend Michi in Istanbul, our difficult stopover in Dubai, the rainy days at the beautiful study centre Vasanta Vihar in Chennai, the beautiful two weeks with our friends of Shibumi school in Bangalore, our visit to Murali thambi’s farm near Karur, our relaxed two days in Fort Kochi, the beautiful week at Stream Garden Retreat Centre in the south of Thailand, the eventful week in Malaysia that culminated in two great days with our friend Vani and her daughter in Kuala Lumpur, and – last but not least – our wonderful time in the beautiful city of Sydney.

We don’t want to miss any of that and already regret not having written more about our days and experiences either online or in our private notebooks.

Since we still haven’t caught up with our video editing duties we thought we’d still continue blogging and will publish the videos from India, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia along the way.

We have now started our NZ adventure in Christchurch where we have the opportunity to stay with a Couchsurfing host for about a week. This gave us lots of time and space to look out for a camper van, open up a bank account, apply for a tax number, get a NZ sim card etc. Our host Serina has welcomed us incredibly warmly and yesterday – after having agreed on buying a camper van that we will have to pick up in Nelson in a couple of days – we already experienced our first beach day at Lyttleton in a beautiful little bay area. We’re delighted and can already tell that we landed in a very beautiful country! NZ we are heeeeere and looking forward to all the great adventures! 🙂

Below a small selection of photos of our first days here in NZ!

Warm wishes from Christchurch,

Thomas & Rusbe


One thought on “Kia Ora from New Zealand!

  1. Hi guys!that was a worderful journey..Hope I can do that someday!
    Its me Kerby the you met in dubai..hope to see our picture in your blog😁


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